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  Pilgrim Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, the second-largest Lutheran denomination in the United States.

What is now known as the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod began with a group of German immigrants who settled in Perry County, Missouri, in the 1840's. Within their band was Rev. Carl Ferdinand Wilhelm (C.F.W) Walther, who rose to become their leader and guided them through a very difficult time of settlement and transition. Although primarily Germanic in origin, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod now encompasses people of numerous ethnic backgrounds and languages.

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, or LCMS, is an orthodox church body that subscribes to the inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures, and holds to the Book of Concord as the clearest explication of God's Word. 

Now in its third century, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod continues to stand for the integrity of God's Word while it continues to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to all generations.



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